The ADDRESS LABEL is a piece of paper with printed or written address of the recipient. The address labels are glued to mail massive.

LABELS CUSTOMIZED — labels prescribed form, glued on registered mail for ease of processing and separation. This paper strips with the letter "3" ("Registered") or "R" (French "Recommande"), the ordinal and the name of the post office. Often, instead of the Label zakisnogo used custom stamps. Labels custom first appeared in Germany in 1875. In Russia was introduced in 1900.

Labels for shipments registered in different countries

SPECIAL CUSTOM LABELS —the labels of the established sample for custom clearance of shipments, have additional graphics or text that indicates the event in which they are made. Customized special labels are used for a limited time and in certain communications companies.

MAILING LABELS — printed labels of various kinds used in postal communication. Objects of philatelic collectibles are mailing Labels, affixed to a postal item.

LAID PAPER — a paper with a visible pattern in the form of a grid or parallel lines like a watermark. The pattern is applied with a roller in the process of making paper. Laid paper was used mainly for solid things, such as envelopes. When the printing of postage stamps is rarely used.

LEADER IN the FIELDS — the collective name for all official items printed on the free fields of the sheets. These include various typographical marks: date of printing, number of printed sheet, the registration mark of colors in multi-color printing, service marks printers and controllers etc.

Leader in the fields — cue runs, the color printing machine

LETTER CORNER letters, the letters of the alphabet printed on stamps of great Britain 1840-84 (in editions of 1840-56 — only at the bottom, and the rest — in all the corners of the figure), different for each stamp in the sheet. Served to mark the location of the stamp in the sheet. One of the measures to protect the stamps against counterfeiting.

The corner letters on the stamps of great Britain

LOCAL is the collective name for various email publications (postage stamps, postal stationery , etc.) made by the postal administration in place. Have circulation on the territory administered by the postal administration carried out Release local. Most often, local is imprinting appropriate content (name of the area or a new value) in another post edition. One common cause of making the local Issue is the lack of communication with the Central postal administration during military operations, after the restoration of postal services in the liberated from the enemy territories.

Local (Eastern Karelia, 1941-1944)