MEMO FORM— mail form used in Austria since the 17th century, to notify the recipient about received in his name a valuable shipment or shipment with cod.Simultaneously served as a confirmation of departure. Sometimes (when a partial payment) on the forms pasted stamps. There are various types of Memo form, because they are not centrally produced.

MERCHANT MAIL — one of the names of the overseas mails. (Riga and Vilnius) in force in the Russian state in the late 17th century. The first time the main volume of transmitted correspondence was the letters of foreign merchants.

MIRROR IMAGE — stamp the name of the different design elements of the post publications, printed in mirror image. Mirror image sometimes leads to the actual error pattern. For example, on stamps of Germany 1921-22 years, the workers keep the tools in the left hand.

MIRROR IMPRINT (set-off) — in philately, the image on the reverse side of the stamps. Usually 3еркальный imprint occurs due to malfunction of printing machines: the print from the printing plate enters on the intermediate cylinder, and then during the working stroke on the reverse side of the sheet. Another reason 3еркального of the print — use of bold thick paint, which thoroughly impregnates the paper (usually fairly loose) and emerges at the reverse side. Recently in connection with the improvement of printing techniques brands 3еркальные prints are extremely rare. 3еркальные prints are considered to be varieties of stamps.

THE MOUNTAIN ASSR. 17.11.1920 declared in Vladikavkaz (now Ordzhonikidze) at the Congress of the peoples of the Terek region. Abolished 07.07.1924. In 1920 the stamps of Russia , 2; 5; 10 kopecks. with prongs and 2; 5 kopecks without teeth made overprint black-and-gray — circle, within which a five-pointed star and the letter "GASSER". The appeal of the brand were short and were replaced by stamps of the RSFSR.