Name THINGS COMPANIES of communications of the USSR — a special stamp, stamp, stamp or plate, is intended to refer to communications companies they belong to. In accordance with Postal regulations of the USSR these include the stamp, insurance, printing, presses, control and official stamps, postage stamp and more. Every Personal belongings of PREDPRIYATIE svyazi engraved name of the company owning it.

NIS [InhambaneJ — province of the former colony of Portuguese East Africa. Until 1894 used stamps of Mozambique, in 1894 — Lawrence-Markish, and in 1895 produced the first own stamps with overprint (Portuguese) the name of the province. This commemorative stamp. From 1903 to 1917 issued stamps colonial type with the name of the province. In 1920, replaced by stamps of Mozambique.

Address BOOK — the name of the special books for the registration (recording) of letters are handed over for dispatch by Yamskoy mail, which operated in the Russian state in the 15th-18th centuries.