QATAR[Qatar] is the state on the same Peninsula in the Persian Gulf. The former British protectorate. Independence proclaimed 01.09.1971. The postal service is organized in 1950. Used stamps of Bahrain, then a British mail-in Eastern Arabia, 1957 — custom stamps — overprint (English) "Qatar" on stamps of great Britain. In 1961 issued the first stamps with original drawings. In 1963, established its own postal administration of Qatar, carrying out postal and production of its own brands. The first block came out in 1965 postage due stamps in 1969.

Postage stamp of Qatar

QOM PROVISORY [Kumeshima island in the Ryukyu archipelago, Japan]. During the American occupation in 1947 on the island issued by the local Saint mark 7 with the name of the island. Printed on a typewriter, copied on a copying apparatus and provided with the stamp of the postmaster.