RAM's the ISSUE[of Wakapoa, Windowthere the County — district]. At the end of the 1st world war, the district extinguished. In may 1919, on various Hungarian postage stamps and doplatek made overprint (Hun.) "Baranya 1919". In August 1919 Lamb returned to Hungary, and stamps with individual printings protective mats have been taken out of circulation.

Editions Of Lamb

REAPER — philatelic title of standard stamps of Portugal and her colonies with the image of goddess of agriculture Ceres in the form of reapers, released in 1912-31 years.

RED PROVISORY (Perm province) — local issue of 1920, the revaluation of plying brands in the ratio 1:100, — hand-overprint red violet paint "RUB" on stamps of Russia 1 and 10 cents.

REGISTERED mail MACHINES special automatic or semi-automatic devices of various design for receiving registered mail of the established sample with the issuance of a receipt without the participation of postal operators. 3аказных letters machines are available in many countries; in the USSR they were equipped, in particular, automatic tie points, a large telecommunications company.

EDITION AUXILIARY — stamp the name of various email publications (postage stamps, postal stationery , etc.), which for various reasons are temporarily used for other purposes than foreseen at the beginning. One of the main reasons for the Issue supporting — the lack of the necessary amount required for the payment of postage stamps or postal stationery. To Release the auxiliary includes, for example, overprint of new nominal value (in connection with a change in postal rates) or the text of the new target destination ("Service mark", "Doplata mark", etc.) on previously issued postage stamps. In the USSR is the different editions of the revaluation of postage stamps in 1920-23 ready (see Conditional reassessment) or was used in the years 1918-22 savings and control stamps as postage.

Retirement is the event of a postal administration, under which certain postal publications lose their franking force and cannot be used for payment of delivery of postal items and other postal services. Post publication, withdrawn from circulation, only become collector's material.