PROVISORY YAKUTSK (Yakutsk) — a local issue of 1920, the revaluation of plying brands in the ratio 1:100, — manual overprint of the new nominal value of the postage stamps of Russia: purple paint — 2 RUB. on 2 kop., 3 RUB. on 3 kop., 4 rubles 4 kopecks., 5 RUB. on 5 kop., 10 rbl. on 10/7 and 10 kopeks, 15 RUB on 15 kop., 20 RUB on 20/14 kop.; black paint — 1 RUB 1 COP, 2 RUB. on 2 kop., 15 RUB on 15 kop., blue paint is 15 rubles 15 kopecks.

YAM — the name of the email stations (mills) emergency Yamskaya chase in the Russian state. The composition of the Pits was included Yamskaya yard passers and Yamskaya Sloboda, land (arable land, meadows, forests), allocated to driversand others.

YAMSKAYA gon'ba — system for the transport of messengers and government officials, as well as the delivery of written notice. Organized in the 13th century in the Central regions of the Russian state and lasted until the end of the 18th century, the greatest prosperity was reached in the 80-90-ies of the 17th century. Yamskaya gon'ba in nature to the organization of postal communications and, according to contemporaries, was at the level of European foreign mails. See Yamskaya chase the ambulance.

YAMSKAYA CHASE the AMBULANCE — the official name of the system of transportation couriers and cargo in the Central regions of the Russian state from the 13th century. Messengers and goods were transported by the drivers. Change of coachmen and horses was carried out in pits along the way. The organization and management of Yamskoy chase the ambulance implemented a centralized on — Askim order.

YAMSKAYA POCHTA — the title of the mail (converted from ambulance Yamskaya chase). Operated in Russia in the 18th century along with the overseas (German) mail. Yamskaya Pochta was organized on domestic routes in Siberia, in the South, Ukraine and Belarus. From the mid 18th century gradually starts to merge with overseas mail.

YAMSKAYA SERVICE — the duty of certain classes of the Russian state to create in their area for emergency Yamskaya chase station post — pits, to allocate special persons — coachmen for transportation couriers and cargo, as well as means for their movement, to maintain order in the mail paths.

YAMSKAYA SLOBODA is a special place, where lived the coachmen with their families. Yamskaya Sloboda are usually located in cities, the memory of them before our time preserved in the names of streets (in Moscow — Tver-Yamskih street).

YAMSKIYE MONEY — tax residents of the Russian state on the contents of an emergency Yamskaya chase: for transportation of messengers, officials and others, as well as with the 60-ies of the 17th century device to postal stations and pay of letter carriers.

YAMSKOY PRIKAZ — centralized authority of the Russian state involved in the organization and administration of emergency Yamskaya chase. The first mention of Yamskogo order refers to 1574. Ruled Yamskaya order of the special judge.

PROVISORY YEKATERINOSLAV (Ekaterinoslav province) — the local edition of 1921, the revaluation of plying stamps — handwritten in black ink new denomination "250 p" on the control stamps Russia 5 and 10 rubles, were used as postage stamps.

The YELLOW CAPE [Cabo Jubi] — the former Spanish colony in Northwest Africa. Transferred to Spain by France in 1916. In 1950, included in the Spanish Sahara. The stamps were issued in 1916. First stamps — overprint (Spanish) the name of the colony, and new denominations on stamps of Rio de Oro, later on the stamps of Spain and Spanish Morocco. In 1950 the appeal of the brand of the Spanish Sahara.

YEMEN [Yemen] Yemen Arab Republic (1962) — a country in southwest Asia, in the South-West of the Arabian Peninsula. Until 1919 part of the Ottoman Empire. An independent Kingdom of Yemen in 1919-62 years. Until 1919 he worked for the Turkish post. Offices were only in the cities of Sanaa and al Hudaydah. The first postage stamps of Yemen issued in the years 1926-29. The inscriptions only in Arabic. The first commemorative stamp issued in 1949 an airmail in 1947, the first in 1960; postage due stamps — 1942. In 1962, during the revolution produced local overprints on stamps. In the years 1967-72 stamps of Yemen were published in foreign philatelic agencies. All of these 20.05.1967 for 31.10.1972 — recognized FIP undesirable. Since December 1972, the stamps returned to normal.

Issues of the Yemeni Kingdom. In the years 1962-69 in Yemen the war was waged between the Republicans and supporters of the monarchy, discontinued in 1970 in the result of agreement. This period lasted issue of postage stamps of Kingdom of Yemen. The first brand of monarchists came out in 1962. The postage stamps and the stamps of the consular fees of Yemen made propaganda overprints. Since 1963, the brand monarchists were printed in London in limited quantities. Were also produced primitive the provisional stamps, printing stamps imitating the program in local conditions. These editions of FIP is recognized as undesirable.

Postage stamps of Yemen

YEN — monetary unit equal to 100 Sonam, Japan since 1872; Ryukyu in the years 1948-58.