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Towns of Belarus. Hrodna

Newsletter # 38 (790) September 7, 2018

On September 14, 2018 the Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus will issue the stamp “Hrodna” of the series “Towns of Belarus”.

A series continuation. Beginning Nos.1032, 1153, 1207, 1214 and 1261.Design: Yauheniya Biadonik. Print process: offset. Colour: multicoloured. Paper: chalk-surfaced, gummed. Perforations:comb 13.Stamps size: 52x26,9mm. Sheets composition:  6 (2x3) stamps. Sheets size: 130x120 mm. Print quantity: 48.000 stamps each.

Printer: Republican Unitary Enterprise “Bobruisk Integrated Printing House named after A. T.  Nepogodin”.

Face value M is equal to the air-mail tariff of a postcard abroad.

No. 1274

Towns of Belarus

Viviparous lizard

Towns of Belarus

Element of protection

Towns of Belarus

Hrodna is one of the oldest cities in the territory of Belarus. According to archaeological research the city appeared in the late 10th century. The official date of the city foundation is the year 1128.

The modern Hrodna is the regional centre of the republic, a large industrial centre of Western Belarus, the only city in the country in which the borders and outlines of the historical centre have remained unchanged.

Towns of Belarus

Towns of Belarus

Colour of the postmark — black.

SpecialpostmarkandFDCpainted by A.Mityanin,
designed by M.Vitkovskaya.

A special cancellationon FDC will be carried out on the stamp issuing day at the post office No.25 of Hrodna..

A maximum card “Hrodna. View of the historical centre” will be issued too. Artist T.Dolskaya, design by V.Kohut.

Towns of Belarus

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