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Happy New 2021Year!

On December 11, a stamp with overprint Happy New Year! will go into postal circulation

Happy New 2021Year!

This country began to celebrate the New Year holiday according to the Gregorian calendar from January 1, 1700. The day started with outdoor festivals and merry-making on Red Square in Moscow. As a token of the national holiday, cannons were fired, fireworks were launched; people enjoyed themselves, sang songs, danced, congratulated each other and gave gifts.

It was from those days that it has become a good tradition to celebrate the New Year and make a wish to the chime of bells while the clock strikes 12.

The postal stamp of 2008 provides an image of the Kremlin Saviour gate tower, the flag and the coat of arms of Russia. This year, a new face value and the text of congratulation Happy New Year! were added in the margins of the stamp sheet in 7 languages: Russian, English, German, French, Chinese, Arabic and Spanish. An overprinted stamp sheet is sold in the composition of an illustrated envelope.

Artist: O. Savina (stamp); Design: M. Miloradova (overprint).

Face value: 23 rubles.

Stamp size: 32.5×65 mm, sheet size: 160×160 mm. 

Emission form: a sheet with formatted margins with 8 (4×2) stamps.

Quantity: 44.8 thousand stamps (5.6 thousand sheets).


Happy New 2021Year!

Souvenir packs in cover:

Happy New 2021Year!

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