Stamp: Clove overprinted "JAMHURI 1964" (Zanzibar 1964)

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Clove overprinted "JAMHURI 1964" (Zanzibar 1964)

18 January (Zanzibar ) within release Overprints goes into circulation Stamp Clove overprinted "JAMHURI 1964" face value 30 Zanzibari cent

Stamp Clove overprinted "JAMHURI 1964" in catalogues
Michel: Mi: TZ-ZB 277
Stanley Gibbons: Sg: TZ-ZB 410

Stamp is square format.

Overprinted "Jamhuri 1964".

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Stamp Clove overprinted "JAMHURI 1964" in digits
Country: Zanzibar
Date: 1964-01-18
Print: Photogravure
Perforation: 12½
Emission: Commemorative
Format: Stamp
Face Value: 30 Zanzibari cent

Stamp Clove overprinted "JAMHURI 1964" it reflects the thematic directions:

Famous People refers to the fame and public attention accorded by the mass media to individuals or groups or, occasionally, animals, but is usually applied to the persons or groups of people (celebrity couples, families, etc.) themselves who receive such a status of fame and attention. Celebrity status is often associated with wealth (commonly referred to as fame and fortune), while fame often provides opportunities to make money.

A head of state (or chief of state) is the public persona that officially represents the national unity and legitimacy of a sovereign state. In some countries, the head of state is a ceremonial figurehead with limited or no executive power, while in others, the head of state is also the head of government. In countries with parliamentary governments, the head of state is typically a ceremonial figurehead that does not actually guide day-to-day government activities and may not be empowered to exercise any kind of secular political authority (e.g., Queen Elizabeth II as Head of the Commonwealth). In countries where the head of state is also the head of government, the president serves as both a public figurehead and the actual highest ranking political leader who oversees the executive branch (e.g., the President of the United States).

Flora is the plant life occurring in a particular region or time, generally the naturally occurring or indigenous—native plant life. The corresponding term for animal life is fauna. Flora, fauna and other forms of life such as fungi are collectively referred to as biota. Sometimes bacteria and fungi are also referred to as flora, as in the terms gut flora or skin flora.

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Stamp, Clove overprinted "JAMHURI 1964", Zanzibar,  , Famous People, Heads of State, Men, Plants (Flora), Sultan