Stamp: Kylie Minogue (Solomon Islands 2014)

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Here you can manage your collection of postage stamps online.

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Kylie Minogue (Solomon Islands 2014)

03 March (Solomon Islands ) within release Australian Celebrities goes into circulation Stamp Kylie Minogue face value 35 Solomon Islands dollar

Stamp Kylie Minogue in catalogues
Michel: Mi: SB 2386

Stamp is square format.

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Stamp Kylie Minogue in digits
Country: Solomon Islands
Date: 2014-03-03
Print: Offset lithography
Emission: Commemorative
Format: Stamp
Face Value: 35 Solomon Islands dollar

Stamp Kylie Minogue it reflects the thematic directions:

An actor (or actress for females) is a person who portrays a character in a performance. The actor performs "in the flesh" in the traditional medium of the theatre, or in modern mediums such as film, radio, and television. The analogous Greek term is ὑποκριτής (hupokritḗs), literally "one who answers".[1] The actor's interpretation of their role pertains to the role played, whether based on a real person or fictional character. Interpretation occurs even when the actor is "playing themselves", as in some forms of experimental performance art, or, more commonly; to act, is to create, a character in performance.

Famous People refers to the fame and public attention accorded by the mass media to individuals or groups or, occasionally, animals, but is usually applied to the persons or groups of people (celebrity couples, families, etc.) themselves who receive such a status of fame and attention. Celebrity status is often associated with wealth (commonly referred to as fame and fortune), while fame often provides opportunities to make money.

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