Here you can manage your collection of postage stamps online.

Here you can manage your collection of postage stamps online.

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Computer operators. (Libya 1984)

01 May (Libya ) within release Postal and Telecommunications Union Congress goes into circulation Stamp Computer operators. face value 50 Libyan dirham

Stamp Computer operators. in catalogues
Michel: Mi: LY 1339
Stamp Number: Sn: LY 1195b

Stamp is square format.

Also in the issue Postal and Telecommunications Union Congress:

Data entry completed
Stamp Computer operators. in digits
Country: Libya
Date: 1984-05-01
Print: Offset lithography
Perforation: comb 14¼
Emission: Commemorative
Format: Stamp
Face Value: 50 Libyan dirham

Stamp Computer operators. it reflects the thematic directions:

The mail or post is a system for physically transporting documents and other small packages; or, the postcards, letters, and parcels themselves. A postal service can be private or public, though many governments place restrictions on private systems. Since the mid-19th century national postal systems have generally been established as government monopolies with a fee on the article prepaid. Proof of payment is often in the form of adhesive postage stamps, but postage meters are also used for bulk mailing. Modern private postal systems are typically distinguished from national postal agencies by the names "courier" or "delivery service". Postal authorities often have functions other than transporting letters. In some countries, a postal, telegraph and telephone (PTT) service oversees the postal system, in addition to telephone and telegraph systems. Some countries' postal systems allow for savings accounts and handle applications for passports.

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